What is CryptoSyno?

CryptoSyno is on the verge of becoming the world’s first cryptocurrency Casino, analogous to a real-world fiat casino. There will be prizes, games, surprises and most importantly, new token launches that will be backed by the CryptoSyno brand. There’s potential all around and it’s up to you if you decide to ape in!

How do I buy tokens?

CryptoSyno tokens will be available for purchase upon launch date. A step by step guide will be provided for your convenience. Please keep an eye out in the navigation menu for those resources!

How will the token launches work?

CryptoSyno wil launch tokens backed by its brand. No rug-pulls, no suspicious developers, only fun and apes. These launches may be random, they may be scheduled, or they may only be available to certain tiers at first(based on token amounts).

What is this tier system you refer to?

Some cryptocurrency launches may be available to certain token holders first (based on how many CryptoSyno tokens they hold). The finer details of the tier system is TBA but there is expected to be three tiers, each with more exclusive access, including our concierge services.

What is the concierge service?

Certain token holders will have access to our concierge services. Concierge will be available 24/7, 365 days. Want to know which restaurants are highly rated and hip in the area? Concierge will recommend some of the best to you. Want to send flowers to your lovely partner? Concierge will have that arranged for you. Need private getaway ideas? Our concierge team is here to help. Additional details of the program to be released in the coming weeks.

What other activities are in the works?

CryptoSyno is actively working on projects to implement for the community. Although some remain under tight wraps, some that are coming in the near future include lotteries, raffles, exclusive launches, free merchandise to certain tier holders and much, much more!

How do your token launches impact your price?

Fantastic question! We discuss this in great detail in our whitepaper. In summary, a small percentage of every transaction from every token that we launch gets redirected to the price of CryptoSyno (liquidity pool technical jargon here). This means that as a new token is launched, CryptoSyno’s valuation increases.

Can I buy more than one of your tokens?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to purchase as many tokens as they want, from any of our launches.

I'm having trouble buying tokens. Can you help?

Yes! Please use the contact forms to get a hold of us and we will assist you every step of the way to buy your tokens. This service is available for our CryptoSyno tokens and any that is launched under its umbrella.

Where will new tokens be announced?

New token launches will always be announced through our website, social media platforms and lines of communication that belong to CryptoSyno. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all those sites to stay on top of launches and exciting new updates!

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